Henry Howard - Team Lead

Hi! I'm Henry Howard. I have a variety of interests, including engineering, technology and a passion for Apple Products. I possess a strong motivation to help others learn about the amazing capabilities of their devices. I have taught classes on iPads and iPhones at my local senior center. I have also assisted teachers, friends at church, and family with their various devices. For the past 10 years I have played the piano. Web design, photography and app development are some of my other hobbies. Savvy Shopper was my first application to release. Creating this application has been a rewarding experience and I plan to continue development in the future.

Micah Howell - 

Hello, my name is Micah. My curiosity in learning how solar panels function led me to join the Solar Car Club. I also possess an interest in mechanical engineering, so this is truly a passion project for me. I have enjoyed the opportunity to increase knowledge and awareness of the usefulness of solar energy.

Blake Margolis -Aero Lead

I am a 3rd year learner at the Academy. I love representing the Academy as an Ambassador by leading tours and volunteering. I possess a wealth of knowledge in electronics and am an experienced ham radio operator. My outside interests include Boy Scouting, BBYO, and running.

Sean Newman - Media Lead

Hello, my name is Sean Newman. I am a first year Titan at the Plano ISD AcademyHigh School. I joined the Solar Car Club in order to further my science and engineering education, while having fun with students who share similar interests. I enjoy the challenge of collaboration and innovation to build a solar car.

Denton Pitts

Hello, my name is Denton Pitts. I am a tenth grader at the Academy High School. I was inspired to join the Solar Car Club because I am good at building with my hands and thinking outside of the box. I have enjoyed my experiences with the team and look forward to designing a solar car.

Anvay Srivestava

I am a sophomore and I joined the Solar Car Club because I wanted to build and design a car. I want to improve my engineering and design skills and apply them in a real life setting. I am really interested in science and engineering and intend to pursue those areas in college. As a Solar Car team member, I am working on the design and functionality of the car. In my spare time I like to play games and go cycling.