The Action Plans From The Admin Team

This week admin focused on gathering the action items and goals for the fall semester. Administration, which works to provide the financial, marketing, and public relation actions, created action plans for each of the admin roles. The public relations and marketing team collaborated to design decals that will hopefully be produced as a fundraising opportunity. The public relations and marketing team also organized plans for social media posts and opportunities. The finance team communicated to set the first plans for a banquet, which the club hopes to host. This is one of the many action items for the finance team's action plan. Priorities have been decided as well as organizational roles. Admin has had a productive week and hopes such productivity for the rest of this semester.

Week 1 with the Admin team

This week was the first week for clubs to start for the school year. On Tuesday we got to meet all the new people interested in solar car and it was really cool to see how much interest there was. The leadership team gave a presentation with super cool videos and graphics to the people to explain who we are and what solar car is all about. On Wednesday we split into groups with a couple of learners from each grade level and discussed the rules and some ideas that we had for the car and the team this year. On Thursday we split off into teams based on the interests of people. I was one of the few people that chose to join the finance team, our meeting time was used to decide which person was going to do certain roles on the team. We also talked about fundraiser ideas for this years trip and for building the car.