April 23, 2019

EarthX is this following weekend and our club will have our very own Solar car booth. We have been planning out interactives for this booth in order to give people visiting a greater experience. Because EarthX is such the biggest earth day event in the world we have updated our flyers and are focusing on printing out, cutting, and folding enough for the 3 days we will be there. The club also designed and printed out posters for the booth to add some visuals that can be reused for other events. We have even planned out the placement of the elements within the booth. This was challenging because we needed a creative way to display the car and one or two solar panels and still have room for the main table. Our prom is the happening at the same time as the second day of EarthX so less club members will be present on that day. However, the club as a whole is very excited for this experience.