New Plan For Our New Team

Being our second week back at school, we’re facing the challenge of organizing the new club members and using our short time as effectively as possible. Creating a new structure in the club has also been a big focus of the leadership team.

Our current plan has been breaking up into the major departments in the club. The admin team manages the fundraising, communicates with booster club, and handles the paperwork to compete in the solar car challenge. I understand they’ve come up with a fundraising timeline and have plans to begin contacting potential sponsors very soon. It’s exciting to see them getting started so quickly; raising money for the engineering team as quickly as possible is a crucial step in making it to the race this year.

Engineering team which will typically split itself into sub groups to make the large number of people more manageable. I’m looking forward to working with our new programming team as they create various systems to automate processes like tracking the sun with our solar array, and monitoring our car’s performance.

Overall I’m very happy with how this year has begun, I’m seeing a lot of productivity from all areas of the club and can’t wait to begin designing this new car for the 2017 solar car challenge!