Electrical Design Plans

This past team meeting we went over the potential directions that we are wanting to take the electrical systems of our car. We would like to enable it for IoT, where all of the stats for the car are available online. In addition, where last year we designed all of the electrical systems in 2D, we would now like to use a 3D CAD program to help design the wire runs and placement of the wires. This should prove to be much better than using a full sized 2D drawing of the car, and laying wires on top of it to make the wiring harness. Last year this resulted in that when the car was ready for wiring, almost all of the wires had to be spliced and extended, which led to many of the problems that we had with an unreliable secondary electronic system. To reduce squared R power losses, we would also like to design part of the electrical system to boost the voltage after the batteries in order to reduce the amperage flowing through most of our primary system.