Titan Solar Car Attends Texas Motor Speedway and Barnes and Noble while continuing designing the car

The Titan Solar Car Team attended Texas Motor Speedway from November 4-6th during the Sprint Cup and the Plano Barnes and Noble from November 5-6th. The dedicated team demonstrated to the DFW community the value of alternative energy and the determination it takes to build a functioning road-worthy solar car. The team brought the 2016 solar car to Texas Motor Speedway and the 2015 chibikart (mini electric vehicle) to Barnes and Noble.


At the Fort Worth race, team members woke up early to meet and greet race watchers for the car races held on the weekend. Members of the public were inspired by the car and fielded numerous questions for rookie members to get them excited for the next Solar Car Challenge.


At Barnes and Noble, the Academy-based team ran a booth during the Plano Makerfaire to engage young learners in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. In the Titan Solar Car Team, learners apply theoretical concepts in engineering by building a car. Inspiring young learners about the process of sourcing and building a road-worthy vehicle will translate to future scientists and engineers.


Join our movement and donate on our crowdrise site at bit.ly/solarcarfundraise! Becoming a donor will raise money for parts as we build an innovative new car next year, so don’t hesitate to contribute today.