The Plano Academy High School Solar Car Team


The Solar Car Club at the Plano Academy High School is a team of like minded, driven and self motivated individuals interested  in competing in the Solar Car Challenge.  The Solar Car Challenge is a competition where high schools from across the country gather to race a solar car that they have built over the past year or two.  It is our goal to compete the summer of 2016.  We have been working almost a year in preparation for this event, and have been enjoying planning our car.  We are very excited to be participating in this awesome opportunity, and are truly thankful to all of our wonderful supporters.


The Solar Car Challenge is a costly undertaking, and while we are a dedicated group, we need your support. We are seeking outside donations to help achieve this endeavor.  There are various levels of support that you can offer the team.  We truly appreciate your generosity and support as we persevere to achieve this goal.